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Liberty, equality, fraternity and cyber security

Emmanuel Macron is the new French president. He led an astute political campaign, building and leading a movement called “En Marche!” (Forward!) all the way to political success. Macron is…


A beginner’s guide to bug bounty programmes

Bug bounty programmes are a way of encouraging the security community to work together to identify and responsibly disclose security vulnerabilities located within a predefined scope. In return for the…

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I want to be a hacker: But where do I start?

“Being a pen-tester does not mean being good at using tools either. It’s about being able to understand how things work, how things are configured, what mistakes people make and…


AISA Perth Conference 2017 – Call for Papers

AISA is pleased to invite current members to submit a paper for AISA Perth Conference 2017, being held at the Crown, on the 17 November. The theme of this year’s conference is “Collaboration: Perth” All submissions will be reviewed equally…