Cybersecuring the promised land


The revolutionary kibbutz collectives shaped the statehood of Israel as it emerged in 1948 in a sand-strewn terrain engulfed by a hostile neighbourhood. Israel is now a vibrant and innovative start-up hub where tech companies are today becoming the building blocks of the modern Jewish state.

Defending itself ‘physically’ by military means and ‘virtually’ through effective cybersecurity are central to Israel’s survival. In the last three decades, cybersecurity has become a national priority for the Israeli government, as well as for the financial and industrial sectors. Over the course of time, Israel’s cyber practitioners have gained expertise and a worldwide reputation for developing cutting-edge security solutions and defences.

This sliver of a country of 8.4 million people is widely acknowledged as the “start-up nation”, being a leading innovation hub with the highest density of start-ups and venture capitalists in the world. It has more NASDAQ-listed companies than any country, save for the United States and China, but more than India, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong combined. The total market capitalisation of these Israeli companies exceeds $85 billion.

Start-Up Nation Central Ltd, an independent, non-profit organisation from Tel Aviv, that claims to be the authoritative source on the Israeli innovation community, says that Israel has emerged as one of the world’s leading centres for cybersecurity solutions. “With $581 million in investments in 2016, constituting 15 per cent of worldwide investments in cybersecurity firms, investors have discovered that many of the hundreds of cybersecurity firms in Israel – both mature companies and new start-ups – offer solutions to many of the cyber-threats that have overwhelmed financial institutions, online services, manufacturers, and any other organisation that relies on digital platforms,” it mentions, drawing figures from a report by tech industry database PitchBook. A quarter of the 65 Israeli cyber start-ups founded last year have already succeeded in raising funds, the report said…Click HERE to read full article.


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